December 25, 2010

A Very Wuhan Christmas

Christmas is a strange holiday here. Last night I finished work at 9 and walked out of the building to find the streets teeming with stands set up to sell just about anything. The sidewalks only got busier as the night went on, because Christmas Eve is a public shopping holiday here. Santa and Christmas trees decorate the streets and shops, but people are fairly hazy about who he is and why we decorate trees. Some friends had a very nice Christmas Eve party, although getting there involved an epic search for a cab.

There was snow blowing through last night- on Christmas morning this is what the view outside the apartment looked like:

A bit of snow left on those (magnolia?) trees. The roommate and I went for a Christmas lunch feast, Wuhan style:

Dry-fried string beans, Chongqing pepper chicken, and snow-corn soup. The restaurant, a nice Sichuan place on the nearby food street, had done some Christmas decorating- ornaments on the roof:

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Pop Froman said...

Hey Abe-- what's the liquid in your Xmas feast? Plum wine?